We will partner with you to explore opportunities for new business development.

We Listen. We Understand. We Design. We Produce. We Sell.

Nonprofits always need new sources of revenue. We will work with you to take your product ideas to market and build revenues through our business development program.

You know your clients – and your business! We know how to transform your insights into commercial products that will challenge, engage, entertain and safeguard the well-being of your clients.

We facilitate idea incubation. A process for bringing ideas into reality. On a very fundamental level, it often starts with a single individual who envisions a concept they think should be further explored. This originator brings other individuals, each with their own understanding and expertise, in on the idea incubation process, making the idea stronger and broader in application. Ultimately, the idea becomes a marketable Product or Solution that is commercially viable.

What is the process leading to product development? Typically we work with our clients as a team to clarify the organization’s strategy and then assess opportunities for innovation.

Watermark Concepts Group will consult with you every step of the way. We’ll help you determine how best to serve the needs of your clients – the people you care for. We handle the complexities and logistics of producing your products. We drive the sales process, and coordinate product distribution.

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products & solutions

Members of our team have facilitated recent product solutions for a variety of nonprofit organizations, including:

• kidsLINK
• Geneva Centre for Autism
• Alzheimer Society of Canada
• SickKids Foundation